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US Government “Defense Threat Reduction Agency” (DTRA) Nano Silver Study

The US Government’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) sponsored an in vitro study, that was declassified in 2009. The study was performed by the Air Force Research Laboratory. The study showed that Nano Silver 10 PPM elegantly supported normal cell membrane integrity in the face of virulent hemorrhagic viruses and coronaviruses.

This article analyzes this US Government funded study.

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Image with textDTRA’s research showed that 10ppm, not 25ppm or 50ppm was by far the most effective amount for down-regulating virus replication.

The mere presence of a particular virus in the body, as part of the microbiome, is not itself a disease. The regulation of the microbiome is a normal body function. Therefore the Nano Silver Protocol is a Nutritional Protocol for the support of the normal immune system, intended to achieve and maintain homeostasis.

Protein coated or other types of preparations were much less effective than uncoated Nano Silver.

DTRA’s research was carried out on various hemorrhagic (bleeding-inducing) and deadly viruses. The results were the same: Nano Silver at 10 ppm was the most effective agent at supporting homeostasis by regulating normal cell membrane impenetrability to the virus.

Nano Silver preparations, regulated particle cell binding.

If the viral particles do not bind to cells, they cannot replicate. It is the “viral” replication that leads to the disease symptoms.

Otherwise, they are just another part of the microbiota, maintained in a normal state by the nutrient silver’s nutritional support of normal cell membrane integrity.

Red indicates viral activity below the Control.

Even if the virus did bind to and enter the cell, viruses faced with the correct type and size of Nano Silver showed very little activity.

When 10 ppm Nano Silver was applied, all of the Virus was affected. None of its genetic material remained, compared to the other nano materials

Not only was the absolute effect of the correct Nano Silver on Ebola virus established in DTRA’s research, the precise mechanism of nutrient action was determined.

Nano Silver have been shown to inhibit enzyme activity. With enzyme activity inhibited, viruses have difficulty reproducing.


AG-NPs neutralize TCRV infection, decreases progeny virus production and decreases cathepsin activity.

A correct understanding of nutritional science shows us that nutrient Nano Silver “ Supports Normal Cell Membrane Integrity ”. This nutrient effect, based on general scientific principles, allows for the dietary management of medical conditions, based on medical evaluation. SilverBiotics Nano Silver is intended for nutrient purposes only.

The natural solution has been available all along. It is a nutritional therapy that recognizes the nutrient value of Nano Silver.

Authors of the Analysis of the DTRA’s Nano Silver Study:

• Rima E. Laibow, MD is a licensed New York physician and psychiatrist.

• Ralph Fucetola, JD is a retired New Jersey attorney at law, President of the Institute for Health Research.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Information showing the authors and their affiliations reveals the following critically important information, at least 19 people participated in the study that demonstrated nano silver’s effectiveness. • The authors were part AFRL/RHPB BIN Group that carried out the research. • Dr. Kelly Warfield was affiliated with the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID), located in Fredrick, MD

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